Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Real-time Chart Visualization

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Intellicus’ real-time monitoring capability makes it possible for you to view your operations data in motion. Interactive charts provide instant visuals for in-depth analysis that enables you to quickly react to performance improvement opportunities.

Real-time charts are based upon real-time Query Objects which in turn are based upon Message Queue type connections.

For the selected Query Object (QO) with real-time data, a real-time chart would be generated in Smart View.

The real-time chart could be any of the following:

  • Bar
  • Column
  • Curve
  • Line
  • Gauge
  • Area
  • Curve Area
  • Counter

Real-time Chart
Figure 31: Real-time Chart Options

You can interact with real time charts for performing the following operations:

  • ‘Pause’/’Resume’ streaming of real time data
  • Define ‘Plot Size’ for the number of data points to be shown on chart
  • ‘Stop Shift’ so that data points keep accumulating on chart. As soon as you start shift, extra data points would be removed, and the plot size would be maintained
  • ‘Stop’ to cancel the real time chart. If you want to restart the chart, you need to re-apply filtering condition or chart properties

You can also capture ‘Snapshot’ of real-time chart manually at a given instance of time. Automatic snapshots get captured upon meeting a user-defined condition.