Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

iPackager - Creating Repository Bundle

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This document describes the iPackager feature of Intellicus and the process of packing the required objects from the local system and deploying the package during installation of Intellicus in other instances.

It is recommended that only Super Administrators should use iPackager.

iPackager is a utility to package repository objects, user management, and configuration settings from Intellicus repository or local file system and deploy this package after installation of Intellicus in other instances.

With super administrator role, you can set up the package at a single location and upload and deploy the package at multiple locations. Super administrators can create a cab file and conf file at central location and then deploy the cab file and upload the conf file at distributed locations. This reduces the effort spent to set up Intellicus repository at each of the locations and the need of re-doing all the configuration activities at multiple locations.

To upgrade the Intellicus version from an older version to the current version (for example, from 7.X to 19.X), create a cab file and deploy this cab file from older to newer version. This process helps you while upgrading Intellicus.

Using Intellicus iPackager, you can package and distribute:

  • Organization, User, User Access Rights, and User Mappings
  • User Created Private Objects
  • User/Organization Preferences
  • Repository objects like categories, reports, query objects, parameter objects, analytical objects, dashboards, and dashboard widgets
  • Approval Process Details
  • Report Schedules
  • Data Connection information (along with access rights information)
  • Printer Settings
  • Web Client Properties
  • Report Server Properties
  • License File
  • Templates

Tip: You can use iPackager to create a backup by packing the entire repository (all the information that the iPackager can pack) in the form of a cab file and store it in a safe place.