Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

User Mapping with Host Application

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When Intellicus is integrated with another application, an organization needs to be created in Intellicus, users need to be created in that organization with desired privileges and access rights. Host application users are then mapped with these users.

User Mapping is set on User Mapping tab.  Click Navigate > Administration > Manage Users > User Mapping.

User Mapping
Figure 8: User Mapping page

When a request will come from host application users they will be able to carry out tasks based on the Intellicus users / roles they are mapped with.

User / role belong to an organization. When you open this page, you see a list of host organizations under Intellicus User(s) list. This is an expandable list.

To work with mapping setup for an organization, you need to select that organization from Organization selection box.

To add a mapping

  1. From Intellicus User(s) list, select the user that you want to map to the application user.
  2. Click add button button on top-right corner of the User Mapping screen.  A row for mapping appears.
  3. In Application User(s) entry box, specify the user-name used by the application.
  4. Click Save

add user mapping
Figure 9: Adding a user mapping

Now on, when a host application user tries to access Intellicus, he/she will be able to access the functionalities available to Intellicus user mapped with that application user.

The mapping information is saved.

To edit the entry of Application User, click and select Intellicus User from the drop down.

Click Save button to save the changes.

Click delete button button of respective row to delete a mapping.

Note: The entry box Application User(s) and Intellicus User(s) may be replaced by Application Role and Intellicus Role based on settings done on Organization page.