Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Adding a Schedule

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Add a schedule

  • You reach to Add schedule page when you click Add Schedule button from Schedule List

Add schedule page
Figure 23: Creating a new schedule.  Name entry box can’t be left blank.

To create a whole new schedule, specify the below information:

  1. In Name, specify a unique name for this entry. This name will be used to refer to this schedule.  This can’t be left blank.
  2. In Start Date select the date from which schedule should be implemented. By default, today’s date will appear there.
  3. In End Date, select the date from which the schedule would not be available. If this is kept blank, this schedule will never expire and will continue to be available for implementation.
  4. In Select Frequency, select the frequency. Details are given after these steps.  This sets day(s) on which this schedule will be implemented.
  5. Specify information under Select Time. Details are given after these steps.  This will have the time when the schedule should be implemented.
  6. Click the Save button to save the schedule details.

To abandon the process, truncate the changes and return to Schedules page, click the Cancel button.