Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Selecting General Settings

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You can use the Settings tab for distinctive display of the Cross-Tab report. You can format the background and the border for the selected Cross-Tab report. This would help in easy differentiation between different values on the Cross-Tab.

Cross-Tab General Settings
Figure 10: Cross-Tab General Settings

Provide the following information:

  • Title: Enter a title to appear on top-left corner of the cross-tab.
  • Style: Select a border style from the drop-down list. For example, Opaque or Transparent.
  • Theme: You can select the theme to apply to the cross-tab report display. This contains predefined format settings for the cross-tab reports. For example, official, original, nature, classic, and delicate.
    • Color: Click to select the color from the color picker.
  • BackColor: Select the check box for specifying background formatting related properties.
  • ForeColor: Select the check box for for specifying background formatting related properties.
  • Level: Select the level for color. Applicable when cross-tab has multiple row levels, for example, Country and within country, cities. Select the level where alternate color should be applied.
  • Border: Select the checkbox to apply border to cross-tab. Set other properties.
    • Style: Select a border style from the drop-down.
    • Width: Specify border width.
    • Color: Select border color.
  • Include in CSV: Value set in this dropdown box will decide if this cross-tab should be rendered when report output format is CSV.
  • Show Cell Caption: Check (select) this checkbox to have field captions on row header and column header. Keeping this clear will have first row as actual column values and leftmost column as actual row values.
  • Never: Exclude cross-tab component
  • Once: Select this to render the first instance of cross-tab component, ignore all other instances. For example, when placed on group header or footer, it will render cross-tab only for the first group.
  • Repetitive: Render cross-tab for all of its occurrences.