Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Upgrading Intellicus to 19.x

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Intellicus 19.x release introduced major functional changes in the product.  However, Intellicus ensures that all reports and query objects you have designed in your earlier versions are fully supported in Intellicus 19.x to maintain backward compatibility. To know the features and capabilities that have been upgraded or added in the Intellicus 19.x, please read the Intellicus release notes from Intellicus website. This document will guide you to upgrade any older version of Intellicus to the newer version.

You must have administrator privileges on the machine on which Intellicus is being upgraded. You may need to refer the respective installation guides at various stages of the upgrade process.

Key points to consider

  • Please note that you have free access to the latest GA versions of Intellicus for upgrade, if you have purchased valid Intellicus technical support annual maintenance contract.
  • You will have to test all your Reports, Dashboards, Schedules, export formats, Analytical Objects (cubes) etc. as part of your Intellicus upgrade plan. We recommend performing one round of upgrade rehearsal in a test environment before doing it in the production environment.
  • The newer versions of Intellicus will have enhanced UI, functions and capabilities. These features will reflect in your Reports, Dashboards, and Query Objects etc. in the newer version. The Intellicus objects in the newer version may not match exactly with the objects in your current version. We recommend validating all these objects in the newer version as part of testing.
  • If you have customized or white-labeled your current version of Intellicus, you need to reapply those changes in the newer version of Intellicus.