Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Folders/ Files/ Stream

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File Location

You can configure a file location such as FTP, Shared Network Folder, Local Folder, HTTP location, HDFS or Amazon S3 as a connection in report server.

Then Data Administrators can use this connection to pull data files (Text, Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.) from these locations, as if, they are pulling tables’ data from an RDBMS connection.

This model enables access control security and enables abstraction of the file source to the other users beyond System Administrator.

This page describes the provider specific properties and the details you need to input to create connections to folders that contains the required data files. There are some properties that are common, you can find those information, here.

Common Properties
Connection Name Type Yourself You and end users will identify this connection by this name.
Provider FILES/STREAM Fixed value for connecting to File systems









Details are given below
Property Values Comments
Location Network path starting with , E:, or



= a network location address follows

E: = You are configuring a local drive (local to report server machine) absolute path as location

.. = You are configuring a local drive path relative to reportenginebin as location.

Username Type Yourself OS Username
Password Type Yourself OS password
Property Values Comments
Server FTP server name of IP address Internet address of FTP Server
Port Port number The port at which FTP server is listening
Secure Yes/No Yes=SFTP (Secured FTP)

No = Normal FTP

Passive Yes/No Yes = PASV mode

Required when there is a firewall between report server and FTP server

Location Type Yourself Folder path from home or root (whichever is applicable) under which required data files are available
Username Type Yourself FTP Username
Password Type Yourself FTP password
Property Values Comments
URI Type Yourself Website address
Location Type Yourself Application + path suffixing the web address
Secure Yes/No Yes = HTTPS
Property Values Comments
Server Type Yourself IP address of HDFS named node
Port Type Yourself Named node Port
Location Type Yourself


Default path for the connection on this HDFS

Blank = location is root

Group Type Yourself User group on HDFS
User name Type Yourself User name on HDFS
Property Values Comments
Access Key Type Yourself Key Value obtained from Amazon
Secret Key Type Yourself Key Value obtained from Amazon
Bucket Type Yourself Bucket Name where data files will be available

Intellicus has added Google Sheet as a data source to access data under your Google spreadsheet. You need to follow the below steps to get Service Account (client email), Private Key, Client Id, Client Secret required for creating a connection in Intellicus.

  1. Go to and login with your Google account’s credentials.
  2. Create a new Project.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Enable API to enable Drive API and Sheets API.
  4. Click Credentials to create a Service account key.
  5. Next, create OAuth client Id. Click Configure Consent screen to give your product name and save it.
  6. Choose Other as Application Type and give a name to it.
  7. You can now download the credentials that are required to create a connection in Intellicus as shown in the table below.
Property Values Comments
Service Account Type Yourself Key used to enable server to server authentication
Private Key Type Yourself Key Value obtained from Google
Client ID Type Yourself Client ID Value obtained from Google
Client Secret Type Yourself Secret Key Value obtained from Google
Username Type Yourself Username of the Google account
Password Type Yourself Password of the Google account