Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Cluster and Load balancing-Linux

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Introduction to Intellicus Clustering

Intellicus BI server is a high performance platform for service Enterprise BI needs. The report server component is the heavy duty performer that processes data and renders pages, grids and charts. Report server is architected to efficiently utilize allocated resources – RAM, Disk and CPU from the given machine. It is fully multi-threaded and designed to provide concurrent reporting functionality to hundreds of simultaneous users.

When the demand for concurrency increases, first option to scale is to allocate more resources to Intellicus report server. Allocation of resources on a single machine may reach certain limitation.

On an enterprise production reporting scenario, the need of high availability of BI server is essential. This requires failover mechanism.

To achieve extended scalability and high availability of Intellicus BI infrastructure, you can install Intellicus report servers on multiple machines to form a cluster and configure load balancing and failover.

Intellicus report server cluster is assisted by a light weight component – Intellicus load balancer, which is primarily responsible for heart beat gathering and load distribution.