Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Data Science Engines

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In Intellicus, you can create connections to R Server and Python Data Science environments. Creating connection to any of the Data Science environments requires prerequisite file system-based connection. This connection’s file location helps as a shared location to exchange data between Intellicus and Data Science environment.

When you create connection to the Data Science environment, you need to select the file connection location created above under Dump Connection Name field.

Data Science environment connection
Figure 5: Data Science Engine

Provide the following properties to create a connection to Data Science environment. The details associated to common properties for most of the connections, can be found here.

Property Values Comments
Connection Name Type Yourself To identify the connection by this name
Provider DATA SCIENCE ENGINE Select this option to connect to Data Science platform
Platform Select from the Drop-down Select either RServe or Python to specify the required data science environment
Server Type Yourself The IP or name of the machine where data science environment is running
Port Type Yourself The port at which data science environment is listening
Dump Connection Name Type Yourself The file system connection that is accessible to both data science environment and Intellicus Report Server for storing temporary data
Rows To Dump While Verification Type Yourself Number of rows of the dummy data-set to be dumped during syntactical verification of script