Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Getting Started

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Open Intellicus Desktop Studio installed on your system. Like any other desktop application, Intellicus Desktop Studio has menus, toolbars, status bar and the area where other panes open.

canvas area
Figure 1: Intellicus Studio screen

The canvas area of Intellicus Desktop Studio consists of the following panes:

    1. Explorer pane on which can you select the fields.

      Figure 2: Explorer Pane
    2. Fields list which can be placed on a report. This list contains fields (coming from database tables, or xml file), user parameters selected for the report, Formulas as well as system parameters.

      Figure 3: Fields List
    3. Properties pane which displays a list of properties and the values of properties related to the control selected from canvas.

      Figure 4: Properties Pane
    4. Report Design pane which displays only those properties that are applicable for the selected control.  Description of the selected property is available at the bottom of the list.  The list can be arranged by the order (ascending order or descending order of property name) or arranged in groups.

      Figure 5: Report Design pane
    5. Layout pane on which the canvas is located. Report controls are placed on canvas.

      Figure 6: Layout pane