Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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Make look and feel related settings for X axis, Y Axis and secondary Y Axis on this tab.


Figure 25: Axis – Scale on Chart properties dialog box

Figure 26: Axis > Scale tab

Auto Scale: Select this to let application decide the scaling at report run time.

If Auto Scale is clear (unchecked),

  • Value: Maximum value to be shown on Y-axis.
  • Value: Minimum value to be shown on the Y-axis.
  • Scale Unit: The unit to be considered for calculation or Minor step and Major step.
  • Minor Step: Scale Unit multiplied by number specified here.
  • Major Step: Specify value as every xth minor step.


  • Minimum Value: 0
  • Longer line at: 100, 200, 300, etc.
  • Shorter line at: 20, 40, 60, 80, etc.
  • Maximum Value: 500

Give values this way:

  • Minimum Value: 0
  • Maximum Value: 500
  • Scale unit: 2
  • Minor Step: 10 (so you will get shorter line at 2×10, 4×10, 6×10, etc.)
  • Major Step: 5 (so, you will get longer line at 100, 200 – 5th minor step, etc.).

Figure 27: Style tab on Axis


  • Text: Specify title text for the selected axis.
  • Font: Set font properties for the title text.
  • Color: Select color for the title text.


These are value names (like Jan, Feb, etc.)

  • Font: Select font properties for Label.
  • Angle: Select angle for label text.
  • Format: (not applicable for text labels) select format for label.
  • Color: Select color for title text.


Figure 28: Grid tab on Axis

  • Visible: Select this checkbox to make Major Grid visible.
  • Style: Select style for grid from dropdown.
  • Width: Specify width (in pixels).
  • Color: Select color for respective grid line.

Quick Chart

Use this feature when you want to create a bound chart and the fields that you want to place on the chart are already placed on detail section.  Quick Chart feature auto-sets the fields for X-axis and Y-axis (value axis). To use this feature,

  1. From the fields placed on the detail section, select the fields that are to be placed on chart. To select multiple fields, press and hold down shift key and click the fields.
  2. Click the Chart button from the toolbar and place the chart control on layout designer.

From the selected fields, those with data-type ‘text’ and ‘date’ are auto-set for x-axis and those with data-type number are set for y-axis (value axis).

All other settings for the chart control can be carried out from the Chart Properties dialog box.