Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Setting Email Preferences

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Figure 10: Setting Email Preferences

You can select your preferences about e-mails from the below:

  • To Email Address: The mailing address on which you want to notification e-mails from portal.
  • For: Select your preferences about e-mails as below:
    • All: All the mails (all of the options listed below).
    • Approval Process: To receive email when you are required to act on a publish-pending report. To know more on Approval Process properties, please refer “ConfiguringIntellicus.pdf”.
    • Asynchronous Report Completion: When you execute a report in background, to receive a mail about its success or failure.
  • Fault Tolerance (Admin only): Select this check box to receive e-mails in case of Fault Tolerance.
    • Memory Trigger: When report server memory goes above trigger level.