Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Query Objects

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Query objects are designed to collect data from disparate data sources, combine them into single dataset apply data transformations or calculations. Query Objects form the business meta-layer for end user reporting. Query Objects hide the physical database details, SQL complexities, table names etc. from the end user. Users can design smart reports, charts, and dashboards without knowing where and how the data is fetched from the database.

A query object contains details to fetch desired data from a data connection. A query object acts as a data source to reports and parameters. A query object can be a source for another query object.


Following are the pre-requisites to access query objects:

  1. Users who design query objects should have Data Administrator privileges.
  2. Users should have access rights granted on valid database connections on which the query objects are designed.

It is not recommended to run Intellicus in Compatibility View.