Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Overview of Events

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Intellicus Desktop Studio processes the report by initializing the data sources and then triggering events for report followed by report header, page header, group header, details, group footer, report footer, and page footer sections.

Intellicus Desktop Studio continues the process while caching the pages in its internal page cache. The stream mode of output helps in viewing the first few pages of a long running report immediately.

Note: To achieve this, the report must not contain any forward reference such as a Grand Summary field in the report header.

Intellicus Desktop Studio provides facility to customize the events using Script Editor. Coding is done in JavaScript syntax and is event based. The following table lists the events that are passed at report level.

Note: You need to make sure that the code pertaining to a particular event is written within the appropriate event only.

Following are the events and their description:

Event Description
OnReportStart This event is fired before the report objects such as fields and sections are constructed (prior to report execution).
OnReportEnd This event fires after execution of the report.
OnPageStart This event is fired before displaying every page. This event does not ensure that the previous page’s display has been completed.
OnPageEnd This event is fired after the display of every rendering.
OnDataInitialize This event is fired after the report is loaded, or SQL statement is fired or SQL fields are created. In this event, new report fields can be added and existing fields can be removed.
OnFetchData (eof) This event is fired after each row of the report SQL statement is fetched from the database. In this event, the report field’s data can be accessed for calculation and manipulation.
OnNoData This event is fired when zero rows are fetched from the report SQL statement.