Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Connecting to Python Environment

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To create a connection to Python Data Science Environment, please follow the below steps –

  1. Login to Intellicus – Navigate – Administration – Configure – Databases tab
  2. Click Add
  3. The page will display the following options

Creating a connection to data science engine
Figure 2: Connecting to Python Data Science Environment

Note: To create a connection to Data Science Engine, you must have a Data Science Engine running parallel on this network.

Data Science Engine Connection Properties

Item Values Comments
Connection Name PyServer This property will get affected once you choose Data Science Engine provider from the provider drop down. By default, the connection name will remain PyServer as the name will be used as a reference at many places hence it is set by default

Note: This field automatically gets populated once you select ‘Provider’

Provider Select DATA SCIENCE ENGINE from the drop down Since you need to create a connection to Data Science Engine, go to the bottom of the list and select DATA SCIENCE ENGINE
Platform Select from the drop down Specify the Data Science Engine you need to connect. Python in this case
Server Type yourself Provide the server IP address where your Python Environment is running
Port Type yourself Provide the port details on which your Intellicuspy is running
Dump Connection Name Select from the drop down Here you need to select the name of the file-system based connection you formed in the first step
Rows To Dump While Verification Type yourself Whatever number you enter here, only those many rows from your raw data will be dumped to verify the correctness of the script. By default, the value is 100
Connection String Auto-generated Connection string to connect to the Data Science Engine
Mask Connection String Check/Uncheck If checked, connection string is masked
Charset Encoding Select from list This property will not affect the configuration; hence, you can leave it blank
Pool Settings Initial Connections Type yourself This feature helps you to define how many initial connections/threads

Intellicus will form to the engine so as once you start using it, there are no delays and your process carries out smoothly.

Default: 5

Incremental Size Type yourself Once all the available connections are used, increment size helps to increase the number of connections/threads and forms new connections as per the specified number

Default: 5

Resubmit Time Type yourself If the connections were increased and in use, resubmit time checks the current number of connections in use. If the connection value goes down to initial connection value, the incremented connections are released

Default: 30 seconds

Max Connections Type yourself The value here specifies how many maximum connections can be formed. Say your max connections are 30 and all are in use. If any more connection request is raised, it will go to a queue

Default: 30

Once you have given the required details, you can Test your connection if it has been successfully created, Save it once you get the message ‘Connection Test Succeeded.’ Cancel if you want to start afresh.

You can Delete a connection once you have saved it.