Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Adding Tasks

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Click Add Task button to add a new task from the Task List page.

Add task page
Figure 9: Setting up a task

In Name, specify a unique name for this entry. This name will be used to refer to this task.

Select a report for the task. Click  to open object selector to select report from. Information in Operational Parameters and Report Parameters will appear filled.

Specify the format of your report under Report Format along with its Delivery Options.

(Optional Step) To run the task in a specific user’s name, select organization and the user from dropdown boxes under Run As.

Note: Run As is available to Administrators and Super Administrators only.  It is not available to end-users having Scheduler privileges.

  1. Specify required information for Operational Parameters and Report Parameters. The details for these are explained after these steps.
  2. If the report is going to have multiple set of parameters (operational parameters as well as report parameters), specify MultiSet Detail of MultiSet is provided later in the chapter.
  3. Click the Save button after specifying all the required information.

Task detail is saved, and its entry appears on the Tasks page.

Click the Cancel button to abandon this task’s details.  Click the Preview button to preview the report in selected format.

Note: The preview will fail if the report being scheduled has hidden parameter and / or shadow parameters (display parameters) used in the report.  However, the schedule task will run as per expectations.