Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Working with Report Parameters

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To access Report Parameters, on Intellicus Desktop Studio screen, click Tools > Parameters. The Parameters screen appears.

Report Parameters Screen
Figure 1: Report Parameters Screen

You can perform the following actions:

Action Comments
Add Add a new parameter with local definition, which means this parameter will be local to a specific report only.
Modify Edit properties of local parameter.

This option is not available for parameters imported from repository by reference.

Delete Delete selected parameter from the report.

If it is locally created parameter, then its definition will be deleted. If it is an imported parameter, local copy or reference is deleted and the original copy is saved in the repository.

Import Import one or more parameters from the repository. You can either import a parameter by reference or without reference.

Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to import the parameter by reference or not.

If you select ‘Yes’, then the latest definition of the parameter object will be used at the report run time.

If you select ‘No’, the definition of the parameter object at this time is copied from repository and a local copy is created. Any changes in repository parameter object does not affect this report. Refer to section, Importing Parameters.

Export This option is available if the user has Administrator privilege or access rights to create parameters objects in the repository. A new parameter object is created in the server repository with the definition of the local parameter.
OK Saves all the changes made to report the parameter list in the report.
Cancel Close screen without making changes to the report. Changes made to repository by Export cannot be reverted by clicking Cancel button.