Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Selecting a Cube

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You can select a cube in any of the following ways:

    1. Click the cube name to get the list of Measures and Dimensions in the right pane. Clicking the Select button at the bottom of the screen would select the cube.

Select Cube
Figure 2: Select a Cube

  1. Double-click the cube name to select it.
  2. You can also open a cube from the Explorer. Go to Explorer and select Analytical Object under Object Type. Expand the folder to see the list of analytical objects. Right-click the Analytical Object that you want to browse and select the Browse Analytical Object option.

Open a Cube from Explorer
Figure 3: Open a Cube from Explorer

After selecting the cube for analysis, the High Speed View Layout opens up (as shown in Figure 4). It comprises of the right pane listing the fields and properties corresponding to the cube (under fields icon icon). The various menu options that appear at the top of the screen are discussed later in the document.

Analysis and Fields areas
Figure 4: High Speed View: Analysis and Fields areas