Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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You can drag and drop or double-click the Slideshow under Dashboard Elements > Placeholders to add to the dashboard. Multiple widgets from any category and/or multiple categories can be added to the Slideshow. You can drag and drop widgets or categories from under Dashboard Elements onto the slideshow area as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Slideshow Options

Click the Remove icon  to remove the widget/category from the slideshow. You can also sequence the order of widgets or categories being played on the slideshow by moving up and down the Reorder icon .

On clicking Done, the widgets would start appearing as a slideshow. You can at any time Pause/Play the slideshow using  buttons. Also, you can jump to a widget by clicking its respective bubble on the slider that appears on the slideshow.

Figure 9: Slideshow on Dashboard

Below options are available on the Slideshow menu:

  • Click Maximize (or double-click the widget header) to maximize the slideshow area to fit the entire screen. Alternately, you can click Restore to reset the slideshow area to its original state.
  • You can click Unpin/ Pin Header to unpin/ pin the slideshow title.
  • Under Settings, you can specify a name for the slideshow and the Auto Rotation time (in seconds) to rotate the widgets on the slider.
  • Click Edit Slideshow to go back to the slideshow view from where you can add widgets/categories and remove/reorder them.
  • The Remove option would completely remove the slideshow from the dashboard.