Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Stored Procedures

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The SQL Stored Procedure (SP) is a collection of SQL statements and SQL command logic, which is compiled and stored on the database and used to create SQL queries to be stored and executed on the server. Stored procedures can also be cached and reused. We can use and execute these stored procedures to design studio reports. Using stored procedures improves the performance of reports and data rendering.

Selecting Procedure radio button from the Object list on top left of the SQL Designer enables the Stored Procedure tab and disables the Design tab automatically.

select stored procedure
Figure 10: Selecting a Stored Procedure

Drag the selected Stored Procedure into the SQL parser. It will populate the Stored Procedure Parameters. You need to map either value or user defined parameters under UDFParams column.

Note: While designing query objects, use of reserved keywords in SQL Query (for column names/aliases) is not allowed. This is applicable for both, SQL queries as well as stored procedures.