Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Adding Machine Learning Script

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Select the Data Science Engine step from the Query Object transformation area to add or edit the script.

Data science engine properties
Figure 6: Data Science Engine properties

This inbuilt editor gives you the flexibility to write your own Data Science scripts inside Intellicus. This helps you save time and gives you option to verify your script by running it on a small set of data (rows to dump while verification, remember!) so as you can detect errors and correct them.

Data Science Engine Properties

Property Values Comments
Data Source Engine PyServer Here you need to select the Data Science Engine you want to use
Script Sample Script Here you can see the Data Science Engine script you have created
Edit Type Yourself Click the Edit button to create Data Science Engine script or edit an already created script.

Edit Script box

When you click the Edit button, the script editor box will open. Here you can view the fields in your script and write Python script for relevant fields.

You can also verify the script by entering the number of rows you want to use for verification in the Rows for Verification box. Click Verify to check the correctness of the script on the specified rows. Upon successful verification, click Ok.

Clicking info icon enables you to view a sample script.