Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Operations on selected Schedule

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Click anywhere on the schedule row to open and modify the schedule details.  When you click the horizontal ellipsis button in the schedule row, following menu opens.

Schedules menu options
Figure 22: Menu options on Schedule List page

On menu, click Add Like option to create a schedule having all or most of the details same as the selected schedule.  When you click this option, Schedule Details page opens having the details filled in like that of the selected schedule.  To add a schedule, change Name and other information.  This way, you not only reduce chances of entry errors, but also save time in adding the schedule.

To modify the selected schedule, click Modify option from the menu.  Details of the selected schedule will be opened on Schedule Details page where you can make changes and save the modified schedule.

To delete the schedule, click Delete option from the menu.

Note: You cannot delete a schedule that is associated with a job.

Click Associated Job List option to view jobs with which this schedule is attached.