Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Dashboard Menu

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After you have designed the dashboard, there are various operations that can be performed on it. The options available under the Dashboard Menu  are discussed below.

Figure 14: Dashboard Menu options

  • You can click Unpin/ Pin Title to unpin/ pin the dashboard title.
  • Click Save As to save the dashboard with a unique name under a selected category. You can also save an already saved dashboard with a new name.
  • From the dashboards you designed or the dashboards available to you, you can select dashboards that you wish to view. The Manage option enables you to add/remove the dashboards (under categories) to Preferences by pinning/unpinning them. This is discussed more under the section titled ‘Managing Dashboard’s Default View’.
  • Clicking Reload restores the dashboard to its last saved state (also available on right-clicking the dashboard tab at the bottom of the screen).
  • You can click Delete to remove the saved dashboard on clicking Apply on the confirmation pop-up.
  • The Help option would enable you to view the online help regarding dashboard properties.

Refreshing an existing dashboard

To fetch the updated data for your dashboard, you can refresh the dashboard. Clicking Refresh from the Dashboard menu  refreshes widget data under dashboard as it reruns query to fetch data from server. This is a configurable property set by the administrator (under Navigate > Administration > Configure > Portal Menu, set ‘Refresh Dashboard’ as “true” in Portal > Analytics > Dashboard).

Figure 15: Refresh Dashboard from menu

Saving a dashboard

After you have designed the dashboard, you may want to save it for future use or share it across with other users. To save the dashboard with a unique name, click the Save As button under the dashboard menu.  When you Save As an existing dashboard, you can save that dashboard with a new name.

Click Save (available on the Dashboard title pane) to save changes to an existing dashboard or save a new dashboard with a name.

Figure 16: Save Dashboard from menu

Along with the Name, Intellicus also saves Owner (the organization and user ID who created the dashboard) and Last Modified Date as shown under the Detailed View on the Save Dashboard pop-up window in Figure 17.

Figure 17: Save Dashboard Options

Click Options to see the ID and Description options. Each dashboard has a unique ID.  By default it is system generated. To provide self-defined unique ID, uncheck System Generated checkbox and specify the ID.

Select Public to make this dashboard available to all the users.  Select Private to make sure only you can access this dashboard. If you are a super administrator, you can set a dashboard as public, which will be available to all users of all organizations.  If you are an administrator, a public dashboard will be available to users of your organization.  If you are an end-user having access privileges required to create a dashboard, you can create only private dashboards.

In Description, specify information about the dashboard.

Managing dashboard’s default view

Whenever a dashboard is added to Preferences, you can view it at the time of logging into Intellicus. The Manage option on the dashboard menu enables you to add/remove the dashboards (under categories) to Preferences by pinning/unpinning them. Click Add to Preferences to add the chosen dashboard to Preferences.

Figure 18: Manage Dashboard

Clicking Switch to Dashboard Preferences would list the pinned dashboards (as shown in Figure 19). You can remove (by clicking icon) or reorder (using icon) these pinned dashboards on Dashboard Preferences. Click Save to save your preferences.

The Reload button  fetches the refreshed list of dashboards from the server. You can quickly search the dashboard from the list in the Search box.

Figure 19: Dashboard Preferences

If you do not wish to see the default dashboard, click the  button. This lets you remove the dashboard from Dashboard Preferences.

Opening an existing dashboard

The dashboards pinned under Dashboard Preferences get displayed when you login into Intellicus.

You can also open a dashboard from the Explorer. Click Explorer > select category and select Dashboard under Object Type to get a list of all dashboards under the selected category. Double clicking the dashboard name would open the dashboard.

Figure 20: Opening Dashboard from Explorer

There are more actions that can be performed on right clicking the dashboard from Explorer.

If you right-click only one dashboard, you can do the following operations:

  • View Dashboard: Opens the selected dashboard to view and edit
  • Create Dashboard: Opens a new dashboard to design
  • Copy/ Cut Dashboard: To copy or cut the selected dashboard and paste in a new or existing folder
  • Copy Selection to Clipboard: To copy the selected dashboard name and related details that show up on Explorer
  • Add to Favorites: Adds the selected dashboard to favorites
  • Access Rights: If you are an administrator user or you have specific rights on the dashboard, you can assign access rights from here.
  • Description: If you have added a description for the dashboard, it can be viewed from here.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected dashboard

Figure 21: Dashboards’ Operations from Explorer

You can perform copy, cut and delete operations when you right-click multiple dashboards at a time.