Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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Scripting in Intellicus enables you to control behavior of various report controls at run time.  For example, you can use script to decide at runtime:

  • A field should be displayed on report or not
  • A report section should be rendered or not
  • A parameter on Input Parameter Form should be displayed or not
  • Validate the parameter value entered by the user
  • Change the report SQL dynamically (for example, append filter clause, or specify table name at run time)

Broadly scripting can be classified in three categories:

  • Scripts for SQL: This allows dynamic query generation through support of executable script blocks within the query.
  • Scripts for Parameter: This allows validation of parameter values by writing script that can assert true or false for every parameter value on events like on submission of Input Parameter Form. It also allows changing UI elements of Input Parameter Form dynamically.
  • Scripts for Report: This allows changing report layout dynamically at various events (like onReportStart(), onDataFetch() etc.) to control/change the way report should render.

You can use the following objects and their properties to control the behavior of the report at runtime. These report objects are accessible in a specific hierarchy as explained below:

Report Execution Script
Figure 1: Report Execution Script

The objects or events in the code editor are dependent on each other, for one object there is a specified set of events and vice-versa.