Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1


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You can select the fields to be displayed on the report.

Figure 23: Selecting Fields

To select a field, check the checkbox displayed before each field from Available Fields and click arrow button button to bring the fields in Selected Fields.  To select all the fields, click arrow button button.

To select a group, check the checkbox displayed before the group and click arrow button button.

To deselect a field, highlight it from Selected Fields and click arrow button button.  To deselect a group, highlight the group-name from Selected Fields and click arrow button button.  Click arrow button button to deselect all the fields.

To reposition fields on the report, you can use the up arrow button and down arrow button arrows.

Click the Apply button after selecting the fields.

Width denotes the number of characters of the selected field to show on the report. Field data may wrap beyond this width.

If you check Add New Fields At Runtime option, you can dynamically add more fields during runtime.

In case of a hyperlinked field (specified at the query object level), you can drill down to open another report or URL on clicking the value of field on grid.