Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Formula Fields Step

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Formula Fields step allows you to add calculated fields that are populated at run time. These calculated fields are generally based on existing fields. In the below figure, interest amount is calculated applying a formula on the fields of the selected data source.

Figure 13: Formula Fields Step

Action Button Comments
Add add button To add a new formula field
Delete delete button To delete the selected formula field

For each added formula field, following properties are set:

Formula String Syntax
Property Values Comments
Name Enter Name of the field as visible to the end user
Return Type Number



Determines the data type of the formula field
Precision Enter Length of field for Char data type.

Precision or length of field for Number data type

Scale Enter Scale or number of digits after decimal point
Formula Formula String Java script syntax formula

Follow JavaScript Syntax to create a formula.  To create a formula, you can use field names and define variables. A formula may have ‘if’ construct as well as ‘nested if’ construct. You can use logical operators too. If want to add more than one statements in formula, use semicolon ‘;’ as separator between two statements.


For a formula field named TotalAmount,

var total ;

if (unitprice < 10 )

{total = unitprice*quantity;}


{total = unitprice;}

TotalAmount = total