Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Installing Intellicus On Windows

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Intellicus is an easy-to-use Business Intelligence platform that enables self-serve and intuitive information analysis, empowering business users turn insights into effective decisions.

Your data holds the answers to some of your most pressing business challenges. Analyze and unravel it with Intellicus to get more ROI from your data.

You can start using Intellicus with quick and easy installation process. This document walks you through the steps of pre-installation, installation, post-installation and uninstallation required for Intellicus.

Under Installing Intellicus on Windows, learn the steps to quickly install Intellicus on a Windows platform.

The guide also contains pre-installation as well post installation instructions. The pre-installation instructions shares information like minimal requirement to install Intellicus, system pre-requisites for different machines. The post installation instructions shares information on the additions this installation makes on your system, and how you identify and manage the folders and files associated with Intellicus on your system.

You will also find the steps to uninstall Intellicus on a Windows platform.