Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Creating Matrix

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Use matrix to summarize your report data in the form of cross-section of fields in rows and columns.  For example, ‘Product Type’ and ‘Product’ in columns; ‘Location’ and ‘State’ in rows.  A cross section of ‘Product Type’, ‘Product’ and ‘Location’, ‘State’ will display sales of that product in that location.

Under Data Source tab, select the data source.

To get only matrix on the report, don’t select any display fields on the Fields tab.  If you select display fields, matrix will be placed below the tabular data.

If not already open, click Matrix tab header to open the Matrix tab.

create matrix
Figure 10: Creating Matrix

To place a field as matrix row, drag it from Available Fields list and drop it in Row Fields (or, select a field and click arrow button).  To place a field as matrix column, drag it from Available Fields list and drop it in Column Fields (or, select a field and click arrow button).

To place a field on summary (intersection of row and column), drag a field from Available Fields list and drop it in Summary Fields (or click arrow  button).

These fields will be calculated for summary/totals.  Functions listed in Function dropdown box will depend on data type of the Summary Field.

You can drop multiple fields in Row Fields, Column Fields and Summary Fields box. Fields appear higher in sequence in Row Fields and Column Fields will appear on outer side of matrix.   Summary Fields are placed left to right on the matrix. To move a field up or down, click arrow or arrow button.

Show When opens up filtering criteria to apply on column and row fields. The column/row that meets the condition shows up on the matrix when you run the report.

You can highlight a Cell, Cell Family, or an Entire Row or Column of a matrix based on a condition. The matrix highlights the summary field using the specified Style.

In case of a hyperlinked field (specified at the query object level), you can drill down to open another report or URL on clicking the value of field on matrix.

Grouping values of Numeric fields

You can specify an integer value to group numeric fields.  For example, to have groups of 0-9, 10-19 …  specify 10 in Group By box of respective row in Row Fields or Column Fields box.

Grouping values of Date type fields

You can group a date by Minute, Hour, Day, Week (Sunday to Saturday), Month, Quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep, Oct – Dec), Year.  Select an option from Group By box of respective row in Row Fields or Column Fields box.

Clicking Clear Matrix would clear the specified matrix properties to start all over again.

Designers/Users can link Matrix and Chart so that any changes made in one component gets reflected automatically in the other. Linking can be done in both ways- Matrix to Chart and vice versa.

Link Matrix and Chart
Figure 11: Link Matrix and Chart