Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Data Source

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On data source tab, you can perform the following three activities:

  • Getting Data
  • Selecting fields to plot on chart
  • Data format

Figure 2: Unbound Chart Data Source

Setting Connection Details

Data source is defined here for an unbound chart.  Also, preferences of connection to be used at run time, is also setup here.

Connection Name: Select the connection name to use for to get data for chart.

Select Query: Pre-designed queries are available in repository folders.  In this dropdown, navigate to the folder where the desired query is available and select it.  Click Verify SQL button. The SQL will be displayed in SQL Query text box.

SQL Query: If query object is not selected in Select Query, specify a query here.  Click Verify SQL button to check query for validity.

SQL Editor: Click this button to open SQL Editor dialog box. This dialog box is used to design SQL query. If you design a query using SQL Editor, that query will appear in SQL Query box.

Note: The SQL Editor opened from here will have Sort and Filter tab disabled.

Verify SQL: Click this button to check the SQL for errors. This button can also be used as refresh button for the fields that are defined for retrieval using the SQL provided above. For example, once you have selected the fields from the Fields to add in the chart, and have switched over to some other tab, when you return to this tab the fields that are not selected will not be displayed.

Runtime Connection: Select the data connection to be used at run time.  At runtime data will be fetched from that connection.

  • Use Parent’s: Select this option to select the database connection that the parent report has used.
  • Use Engine Default: Select this option to use the connection that was marked as default from the Intellicus Report Engine Connection Manager dialog.
  • Use Named: Using which, you can provide the named (configured connection) to fetch data for the cross-tab report. This will override the default connection.

NOTE: Chart can be created using OLAP type connections also.