Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights 19.1

Working with SQL Designer

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You can manually design pixel perfect studio reports using SQL Designer to retrieve data from the connected database using a query object and then use this retrieved data to design a report.

Using this designer, you can select different database objects, create queries and validate the created queries and save them for later use, and create joins. You must launch Intellicus Desktop Studio to start using SQL Designer.

For more information on how to install and launch Intellicus Desktop Studio, refer to the document Desktop Studio -A tour .

Desktop Studio Screen
Figure 1: Intellicus Desktop Studio Screen

To access SQL Editor, on Intellicus Desktop Studio screen, click Tools > SQL Designer. The Query Window appears.

query window

Select Specify SQL radio button. The SQL Designer button is enabled.

Click SQL Designer button. The SQL Designer window appears and provides information on the date and time when the schema is refreshed.

The SQL Designer is divided into:

  • Diagram pane on which you can drag and drop the database objects.
  • Designer pane on which you can perform actions on the database objects such as creating joins, deleting tables.
  • Parser pane on which you can design SQL statements.

SQL Designer
Figure 2: SQL Designer

Note: You can resize the individual panes for a better view by clicking the border between two panes and dragging it vertically or horizontally.

Warning: If you do not define an SQL query, you will not be able to design a report.

You can perform the following tasks using the SQL Designer:

Refer to further sections for more information.